Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2010 Epic Moto - Introduction

I received so many questions around my last Epic Moto that I thought I would at least take the time to blog out a few of the highlights of the upcoming adventure. For those of you who know me, I love adventure of all types. My real job consists of taking care of my patient, beautiful wife and 5 children....but as long as it has wings, wheels, or electronics it doesn't take too much to get me excited. I'm not really a fan of video games, social networking (facebook, etc.), or computers, but see them as a toys for small boys. There is a cool factor that each of these comes with that keeps me interested at times and this blog is one of those....where I can document a real adventure as opposed to falsely playing one with a remote console. My coolest gadget of late has been the Garmin 405 GPS watch. Now there's some innovative technology.

Each year I plan a moto ride with my long time buddy Josh Watkins (since the wife says that going it alone is too dangerous). Three is a crowd so Josh and I ride it together. We have ridden everthing with wheels now for a long time and know the likes and dislikes of each other pretty good....a real nice to have when your holed up in a small town of no-where or stuck on trail trying to figure out how to get under or over a fallen tree the size of a Volkswagon bus. So this year begins with us laying our southern Utah GPS tracks over burgers and fries again at 5 Guys Bugers N Fries for another 1,000 mile or minus a few hundred. -:)

The butterflies always start to settle in for me at least a couple of months before launch and I start to get jittery with excitement. It's always a highlight to disappear into the desert where buzzards lie in wait and then to emerge victorious on the other side. There just isn't enough time in the day or time spent in planning that will eliminate the jitters for these kind of rides. They just pose a real threat to existence if you don't give them the proper care, but in the end the payoff is a memory of excitement and a world explored.

This year’s adventure begins June 23rd and takes the approximate route:
Salt Lake City -> Park City -> Duschesne -> Casteldale -> San Rafael Swell -> Hanksville -> over the Henries -> Notam Road/Burr Trail -> Halls Crossing Ferry -> Bluff/Blanding -> Abajo Mtns -> Needles & Canyonlands Natl Parks -> Lockhart Basin -> Moab -> Gemini Bridges -> Green River -> Castledale -> Skyline Trail -> Tucker -> Strawberry Resevoir -> Park City -> Salt Lake City

I'll get a GPS picture of the route posted soon. ...maybe. Some of this stuff gets personal you know. :)

Josh will be live tracking with his Iphone app and I'll be popping posts and pics on Blogspot/Twitter/Facebook via the phone. I'll be live tracking also with Google Latitude.

More to follow on the live GPS link. Traveling 65mph @ 10,000 feet is pretty cool.

Google docs works great for sharing the list of items each need to bring. It's nice to avoid duplication as much as possible to eliminate weight in tools and supplies.


  1. Please tell me you're taking your other bikes with seats on them. Not the rock climbers in the photo...

  2. I heard Gemini Bridges was blocked off even more in the last few weeks.

  3. okay I changed the picture for you now.

  4. Just can't ride across the bridge any longer....bummer. It's roped off now.