Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 2

I was in search of a mascot today. Made a couple of stops here and there.... no luck. I'm sure I will find something. Cody Maverick has me all jealous. He is getting his picture taken everywhere.

The Henry's were awesome. Located the magic bus and emptied a full clip on it just to make sure the tires were flat and had enough cooling holes in the front grill. Best we can tell it's been there for a while.

The day was spent pretty much trailing Josh and watching his back tire eat his license plate. I learned that if I take a visual reference on his right blinker and view where it sets relative to his exhaust....I can tell when he starts sagging or losing his gear. Josh nearly turned his jacket into a vest as one of the sleeves went sailing.

The fold is pretty spectacular....100miles long with an amazing view through the valley.

We opted for the Bullfrog campground so we could get a shower, water, and a good place to eat. Slept like a rock on the rocks. The ferry awaits.

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