Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 3

Today was one view after another. There just didn't seem to be any end to it. Nearly 6 hours on the bike and 5 more stopped, either looking or hiking. Quite a few stops at ruin sites and overhang ledges. The remoteness of this part of Utah would make a camel thirsting just thinking about it. Knowing that it used to be so inhabited by a indiginous group is overwhelming.
Josh is an expert field guide to naming all the ranges as we go. He is defintely a walking encyclopedia of this area, something I would say is pretty unique for a techno geek. All we can talk about is coming back to hike and explore further some other time. Seems we both share the love for some of this crazy heritage.
Murphy battery toasted on day 2 and so did Josh's later that day. Never a good thing for at least one of us not to have a battery to charge appliances etc., but we have no on we go. Kick-starting the beast is a real pain, but do-able.
The hotel in Blanding isn't much and the hot tub was cold...par for the course in this town.
Blister are popping everywhere in places I'd rather not have and my toes got skinned in my leather shoes from the hikes...I guess socks would've helped.
Subway never tasted so good....I love it when I get to eat onions on my sandwich...lot's of em.

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