Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 4

Just too much to even tell about. Here is a picture of Josh at the Confluence. At this point there is only one way out through Canyonlands. The drop in was incredible. By the time we made the Needles outpost, we had been through one of the hardest days of riding in my life..up to this point. My back tire finally settled in today and started acting like a real tire. That was nice.

Killer hot. Not a day for a lone hike, such as the 2 day hikers out of nowhere hiking to the Confluence. They were low on calories and she was 15months pregnant. We spared some bars for them and later left to hope they made it out okay.

We soon encountered Bobby's hole and down I went literally, busted my mirror and that was it thankgoodness. Things just got more interesting after that on Elephant Hill....see the Elephant Hill post. That one nearly killed us both working the bikes up.

We made it the Needles desolate as it comes. We were out of water long before gas, so we had two options...find water press on and camp or no water and hop the freeway. Josh disappeared down the road aways and I found him behind a little shack with a hose from a water tank soaking down like a water was a water party. So we broke out the sat phone to let others know we were alive and wet and dropping to another unknown to camp. The going got rough..really rough and we found a small smooth spot in a canyon to setup and called it a day. Beef stew MRE never tasted so good and I got to play Anasazi on a rock while the moon rose over the valley below. I had been through nearly 160oz of liquid today.

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