Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fuel & Valve Test

Took her out for a spin and gauged the fuel consumption - new tires and sprockets have me a little worried.....sure enough only 43.8 mpg - that puts me with a range of only 188 miles with the 3.2-IMS and 1.1-Baja Designs rear tank. Another .8 gal with the fuel bottles gets me another 35 miles for a total range of 223 miles. Better plan on 175 miles max to be safe.

With a previous 15/45 combo and running Sahara 3's I was north of 52 mpg. Not this time.

Valve adjustment seemed to hold. Bike felt a bit stronger on the low end.

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  1. Hey i have the same bike. The kick stand ,as I'm sure you noticed, (IMO) is the weakest/worst part of the bike. Get yourself a promoto-billet. thank me later. yeah its pricey but hey 280 pounds without gear needs a reliable support!