Saturday, June 12, 2010

So here's the finished product. Very stable and solid. The door threshold strip was cut to length with a 90 degree bend (ribs out) to slide in under the rubber wrap and the drink holder. After seeing it go together the drink holder may only be cosmetic, although it does serve a nice purpose to insulate the bottle from the mount to avoid metal-on-metal vibration. The mount also runs the length of the bottle inside the rubber wrapped forks and then hose clamped down. I feel very confident this configuration will work, but if it does not, I definetely have a much better (similar) that I might just resort to the next go around if these give me any problems.

A couple of things to note: the clamp screws need to be away from the bottle so they don't vibrate against each other. They also need to be out of the way of the plastic fork cover so when under compression the bike can compress. Get the correct angle on the backside of the fork and you should be good to go.
Another day in the office.

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