Friday, August 22, 2014

Flaming Glass

Not often you get 4 hours of glass to ski.

Gotta love the Flaming Gorge.  Wow.

Rain or Shine I wasn't missing this opportunity.

Neither was Ben

So tired we can barely hang on.

Rare Sightings

Ben came out of his cave for his birthday.
Froot Loops Helped.

Captain America

A few tricks up the sleeve still.

Note the shockwave(blue hue)

Another shockwave...this one pink.

Girls and their Toys.

The CAT came out of its' cave this time.

Rare indeed.
Heaven Sent.
Morning Rays over the Mountains.
Took my breath away.

Military 'Style'

I'm not in the military but appreciate those that are.

Thanks guys for providing my freedom!

I hope this continues 'for fun' only.

He's a great shot.

 A very non-military wife.

Toys and Boys

Doesn't get any more fun than this.

Girl and Dog

Proud Dad - I love my Kids

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

GoPro Cool Pics

I snagged a GoPro.  Here a few of the more interesting photos that I think are pretty cool.

If the sun is straight overhead how do you get a shot like this?

Yes the sun is overhead.

 Disoriented maybe?

 Looking Up

 Looking Down

 Gum Handout

Bad case of arm Pump at the Track

More Gum

Matthew Slalom

I still enjoy skiing more......anyday of the week.