Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 1

Made 380 miles today. Ouch. I don't need to do that again. A lot of scenic highway and tons of dirt road. We moto'd down past the Wedge and into the swell. Very beautiful country. There is no mistaking Temple Mountain. Muddy Creek wasn't too bad to cross and Factory Butte glistened in the sunset with a full moon to the south.

Only mishap today was losing my phone off my pack and spending 15min looking for it up and down the road. I had given up and stopped to think about it, when I saw it sitting on a rock off the side of the was still ticking, obviously. It must have bounced 50yards; I was flying when I felt something hit my leg.

Josh burned a hole through this right pannier and heated up his fuel bottle a bit, but not bad enough to ignite the bomb....thankgoodness. Todays gas mileage was much higher than previous testing....about 60mpg.

Mmm. Burger and fries at Stans in Hanksville.

Here is pic of Josh at The Wedge.

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