Thursday, June 10, 2010

Planning Cont'd

Well three more hours in the garage last night. It was a nice evening, raining slightly all night and cool. The kids just hung out with dad and we all talked for a while. Emily even came out and sat in chair to talk. I just love it when she does that. I pulled out my checklist and went to work.

Checklist Completed

  • air filter cleaned

  • air box cleaned

  • fuel line filter installed in airbox

  • oil levels re-checked

  • brake fluid levels

  • hydrolic clutch fluid

  • radiator fluid

  • lubed the chain

  • swapped tires - installed the new Pirelli's

  • dust sleeves on front forks

  • bearing check - front/rear

  • spoke check - front/rear
Since I had all the tools out I rolled the Montesa over and popped out the wheel bearings on it and installed a new set. The brake rotor side bearing was shot. Good thing I got that thing replaced or I'd be hiking out of Slickrock in Moab the next go around. Thanks to Stan at Northern Utah Trials for sending me a pair over.

All that remains..... a Hobbs Meter install and maybe a new silencer if I can bring myself to spend the dough. Hope to do a mileage check this weekend on the new tires to be sure of mileage calculations for range.

Next Up: Gear for the Ride

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