Sunday, June 27, 2010

Slim and Cody

So Slim was posing on a rock at the edge of Confluence for me when a gust of wind came along.....I knew he had about two rolls max before he went over the edge and that would be the end of him.....I mad dashed from 20' out as he was falling of his perch and made a first base slide, but I was moving quicker than anticipated and caught the boulder on my left with my left and Slim in my toes hanging over the edge. Dang, that spooked me good. My knees were still shaking 20min later. From then on Slim got to ride up fron on the cockpit instead of bungied to the back.

Cody Mav went for ride himself today....but mostly in the dark of my tank pack. Josh had left him for dead in a trench that I happened to come up on...this was after a little frustration by Josh after seeing his jacket really become sleeveless after his rear wheel ate it good. Seems to have quite an the license place too that is now in Josh's backpack...or what's left of it. The shredded jacket required a wheel off scenerio to free it, so in his frustration he lost his cool and forgot about anchoring poor Cody somewhere in the valley we were making new tracks and I just happened upon him and performed the rescue. That critter has some good luck.

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