Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Morning Sunrise. Time to Ride.

It was very cold (low 30's) last night. I felt bad for Josh since I brought a cot to sleep on, but honestly I think I was colder with the airflow under me. Wasn't expecting those temperatures.

Fuel Problems

So while I am lying on my back against a rock to rest I notice the moon rising through the 'fins.'

Thought this was a nice view while Josh was busy transferring fuel from one tank to another due to an unexpected hole.

A fun stop on the way out to the Maze. Yeah, this is pretty remote alright.

Maze overlook. Nevermind the biker shorts I had to borrow from Josh since I forgot my hiking ones back at camp. Good thing he had them along for the ride or I was in for a long hot day of hiking naked. I wasn't about to quit here. The fun was just starting.

Josh at the Harvest Scene. Note the size of this panel.

One very cool Picto of a very mean warrior.

Time to hike out this place and get to the mountains to setup camp.

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