Thursday, May 26, 2011


This day starts out on a long ride in seach of history....and we found it.

Look closely through the trees. Too bad I can't tell you where it is.

Hidden from view and secluded. Just the way it should be.

A view from within.............

This fast is becoming a favorite. Wow. Pristine and Beautiful.

Heading out to do a little more scouting. We think there is more to see today.

Spent the remainder of the day hiking in to another site. This turned out to be spectacular.

Check out the landbridge we have to cross.

I think Josh said this was something like being in Mario Brothers Mushroom world.

Sure felt like it.

Pretty crafter Designers

A View from the Top

My palms get sweaty just looking a this photo. This shows a very small portion of the overall perspective of this site. Everything about this place says 'fortress-keep out.'

Pictures just don't do this's a very long ways down.

Look closely to see the remains of the fortress wall that guarded the landbridge.

Time to call it day and hike out of here.

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