Sunday, May 15, 2011

Evening Notes

3 nights in and the moon continues to grow larger each night. The first night we camped just outiside of Hite Marina. The temperatures dropped into the 30's with cold air spilling over on my head into my bag. It was bitter cold and was I was leaving the house I set my beanie hat aside thinking it wouldn't be needed. That a mistake. The night was we pulled into the Natural Bridges area and headed up the Bears Ears to camp at higher elevation after finding a wonderful spot overlooking the Cedar Mesa. What a view of an incredible area. Again the evening was cold and we were spent from the days activities of motoring up to the Maze and hiking 6-7 miles down in. Too tired to put up a fire, so we crawled in and hit the sack. Another very cold night in the Tootsie Roll, but the breeze was less and I was able to clog up the sack openning with some clothes. Slept ok. Night three, too tired again for a fire. Slept like a log with my sweatshirt hoodie and socks on. Should have thought of that sooner. Night four. Big fire and stayed up telling stories about each others' mother-in-laws. Ha. Lights out and gone for the night. This time with the socks off, but hoodie on. Warmer night. Almost a full moon. It's good to have a friend you can kick back with and eat fried potatos and cheese with. Spilled the salt on my cheesy potatos, but they tasted even better after that. Ran out of pepper.

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