Sunday, May 15, 2011

Food on the Trail

So Josh buys these stinky onion bagels that a Bear wouldn't even eat. Yeah they were good. Since we hauled the bikes down with the truck we had a cooler and this really opens up the food options. Yogurts, Ham, Eggs, Cheeses, Choc. Milk, O.J., you name it. What a treat to not be eating and MRE from a bag. So Josh brings his favorite Apple Sausage....oh it was I whipped up the pancakes with PB and Syrup. Doesn't get much better. I love breakfast, especially when I've been whipped from a day of riding and hiking at a real man's pace. I forgot to bring a few things, but then again it always works out. A little Ham on a slice of Bread, no mayo and a little salt on the eggs, no pepper. Food is always fun to have around the campsite. Cheetos and Chip's aHoy. This area has bears so we thought we might as well bait em' with some beef jerky tied to a couple of cans to give us some warning if one walked in on us. We decided against it and put things away nicely and slept with one eye open smelling like Jerky and Apple Sausage ourselves.

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