Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thrill of the Hunt

There just isn't quite anything like this. Theses canyons are big and vast. Wondering around them is a wonderful thing. Algea growth on a rock starts to look like a pictograph, a leaning boulder starts looking like a hideout of somekind. In any event, you just never know what you might find as you wonder, sometimes aimlessly and sometimes with a purpose. I had no sooner picked up a pottery shard on the trail to look at and Josh says, "hey, look at this" from about 100 yards up the trail. Sure enough we had stumbled into another ruin. All in all I believe we visited 11 or 12 ruin sites and quite a few panels. Some sites named after fish parts, butterflies, canyons, and little girl playhouses. To walk over a canyon rim and find a site is as exhilariting as it comes. Some are reachable, others are not. The distinctive patterns of the sites as far as building structure, artwork, location, etc. become more and more recognizeable now that I have viewed such a variety. Some just have a feeling of fortress, others burial, and others a place of dwelling or storage.

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