Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Early morning - first ones out for the day - Angels Landing

Emily wasn't so sure at first, second, and then third.

But she did it!


On Top


Mountain Goat 

I'm fairly certain he could go anywhere he wished.

Fear of Heights Conquered!

Home on the Range

You can never get enough Guns or Golf

Getting Wet


Very cold water... slide

Warming Up 


Sandy Fun 

Adopted Grandpa

My kids fell in love with John B.

Safety Officer

Park Guide 

Master Instructor 
"Dad! Look at his calves!" - Matthew

Family Adventure

Back to Zions and into a Slot with PCMotoboy and family. We picked a good one....nice and easy, but full of cold water. From these pictures you'd never know just how cold we had been and how traumatic it was for a few family members.

Hiking down

Slot entrance on left

Having just climbed out of a very wet slot. 
I ferried mom and 3 little ones through the frigid waters.

Warming Up


We hiked out of this puppy and made hay to warmer climate.
Warm rays upon us

Monday, October 14, 2013

Views of Tooele

Even Tooele can be a pretty place from above.

 Note I-80 and the Great Salt Lake on the Left

A very cool Panorama of the entire Valley

Snow Line

Looking Back - West

Worth Stopping For

I traveled light today. No tools, no water, no snack. I was 4 hours into this and getting really thirsty.....when I ran across this.  I could tell that the seal wasn't cracked as I flew by.

Now that's what I'm talking about.

One Way In / One Way Out

I love a good dead-end.

Last Ride - Stansburies

The season is ending quickly. I've only managed 1 ride this year, so I thought I'd hop on and ride out to the Stansburies. It's been 20 years since I've been out there and so I went to go see what I could find.

Looking East to the Tooele Valley (Army Depot)

Very Remote