Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Whirlwind of Thrills

Leaving the home for 10 days to stay with the in laws tops the list as far as adventures go!  

The girls have never left their nest for any length of time, much less 10 days 1400 miles away.

Seeing  strange animals.......

Eating strange foods.........of who knows what..........at least 1 can was labeled yummy.



Lemon Pepper Steak - Only in Texas (I guess)

Driving strange cars to go see

strange dolls and

strange birds and

and make strange pictures.

All said and done, the BIGGEST adventure in the family yet.

I'm so Jealous I didn't get to go 'sea' penguins and eat Vienna Sausages with my Dad.

And all this time I thought Lemon Pepper was for Fish. Silly me.

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